Interface ExtSourceSimpleApi

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ExtSourceCSV, ExtSourceEGISSO, ExtSourceGoogle, ExtSourceIdp, ExtSourceINET, ExtSourceInternal, ExtSourceISMU, ExtSourceISXML, ExtSourceIT4I, ExtSourceJSON, ExtSourceKerberos, ExtSourceLdap, ExtSourcePerun, ExtSourceREMS, ExtSourceSql, ExtSourceSqlComplex, ExtSourceTCS, ExtSourceUnity, ExtSourceX509, ExtSourceXML

public interface ExtSourceSimpleApi
Definition of simple extSource api.

Simple means: this extSource is not able to get all information about all subjects in one query. First need to get info about their logins and then for every login get info about subject from extSource.

Michal Prochazka (extSourceApi), Michal Stava (changed to ExtSourceSimpleApi)