Perun roles


User is an account in Perun system that matches with a physical person. Ideally, every person has only one user representation in the Perun system. This account can be identified using various digital identities (social/federated identity, digital certificate, etc..). In a profile, the user can manage his data, such as a mail, preferred language, change/reset the password, manage SSH keys or report new publications.


Member is a representation of a user in VO. He must obey VO membership rules and usually has a limited lifetime. One user can be a member of several VOs. The relation between user and VO can be represented by attributes.

What can I do as a user/member?

VO manager

VO manager is a person who is allowed to manipulate with VO data. He can define what will be on the registration form and can approve or reject each user´s application. The first manager of particular VO must be created by Perun admin.

What can I do as a VO manager?

Group manager

VO manager can organize members into a group and also create a group manager who is allowed to manipulate with group data. Group manager can be a person or a group of people.  

Please notice that: As a group manager, you are not automatically a member of your group. You need to add yourself as a member.

What can I do as a group manager?

Facility manager

Facility manager creates and manages facilities and resources. He has to be VO manager at the same time. Otherwise, he cannot do all tasks connected with this role.

What can I do as a facility manager?

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