Members are able do following tasks:

Set member attributes

  • Please log in to the Perun system and then go to the VO Manager  section.
  • On the left panel please click on Select VO . Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Please choose the desired VO, where would you like to work. There will appear a new panel with the VO settings.
  • Click on the button Members at the upper bar OR click on the Members  option at the left menu.
  • Fill your name or logname into the search area and press the button Search , then appropriated members are listed.
  • Click on the row with selected member and his detail is displayed.
  • Click on button Settings at the upper part of the form and member attributes and their values are displayed.
  • You can use Filter list-box:
    • If you choose Required as the value of filter then necessary member attributes ate listed with their values.
    • If you select All filled attributes as the value of filter then all member attributes with saved values are displayed.
    • Using Resource required value in filter requires select resource at Assigned resource list-box and then all attributes for a combination of member and resource are listed.
  • You can fill new values for attributes where the text in the value field is black.
    • if text in value field is gray or field is not writable that means attribute value must not be changed by you.
  • Press Save  button to set new values of attributes.
  • If you need to set a new attribute click the Add button and all possible member or member-resource attributes are listed.
  • You can fill and Save  only writable attribute value fields.
  • If you use Cancel  nothing is saved.

Change preferred mail

  • Run the Perun system.
  • Select the instance to which you belong and sign in.
  • In User menu at the left, click the Select identity menu and select the identity.
  • For which you want to change the preferred mail (by clicking on the identity name).
  • An overview of your chosen identities appears.
  • On the Overview tab, in the right column, there is the Preferred mail paragraph (under the Save  button).
  • Replace the entry here and press the Save  button.
  • The new preferred email will then send you a notification with a confirmation link.
  • Click the link to confirm the operation to make the changes you want.

Identity consolidator

The Identity Consolidator serves to connect more identities under one user account. The main advantage of identity consolidation is access to user's data by any registered external identity.

Internal identity

Internal identity is the user identity that was created in the Perun system (account in Perun).
This account contains a full name and ID and others.

External identity

An external identity is the user identity that was created in another system.
An external identity is a part of internal identity.
It can be university identity (Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, Masaryk University, Medical University of Vienna, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun), an identity of the organization (BBMRI-ERIC, CESNET, de.NBI, EGI, Elixir), or social identity (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn).
One user profile may contain more external identities and the user can log in to Perun by any of them.
Another option how the user can get into Perun is to import identity by the synchronization (for example from a SQL database or LDAP).
External identities work with a Level of Assurance (LoA).

Identities schema

Schema showing how the user can get into the Perun by external identities and how they related to internal identity.

How the user can get to Identity consolidator

The link for identity consolidation can be offered by the system itself or is sent by the VO manager to the user.
Manual for VO manager for building a link to Identity Consolidator is here.

Identity consolidation procedure

1a) The system may automatically offer you the possibility of connecting another external identity to your account. Open link in the anonymous mode in your browser.

... OR...

1b) Open the email you received from the VO manager and open the Identity Consolidator link in the anonymous mode in your browser.

2) Perun will ask you to log in with an external identity that you have connected with your account. You will see a list of identities you can log in.
This step is limited in time (time is counted in the background). You have 5 minutes to connect identity to an existing account or then the authorization token ends and you need to log in again (reload the page). The time limit is set for security reasons.

3) At the end of the procedure, you may add another external identity.
Now you may log in to the Perun system with a new external identity.

Anonymous mode
Will ensure that you don't log in with an unwanted identity when you verify your identity.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Chrome/Chromium and Opera
Ctrl + Shift + N
Explorer/Edge and Firefox
Ctrl + Shift + P

User profile

In a profile, the user can manage his data, such as a mail, preferred language, change/reset the password, manage SSH keys, report new publications.

User profile (CESNET instance):

WARNING: Only for users at the CESNET instance. For using links, it is necessary to be logged in Perun.

The user can modify or view his data on a user profile at the address:
In profile, the user may see or edit external identities that are assigned to his account (in tab My identities).

Also, the user may use new mini-application:
This user profile provides an overview of external identities.

User profile (MUNI instance):

WARNING: Only for users at the MUNI instance. For using links, it is necessary to be logged in Perun.

The user can modify or view his data on a user profile:
Log in via Federation
Log in via Kerberos
In the left menu, click on Select identity and select the internal identity you want to manage. This user profile doesn't contain an overview of external identities.