Managing whole CESNET e-Infrastructure including grid and storage resources, mailing lists, small projects, virtual organizations, SAML2 attribute authority, video conferencing systems and many more. CESNET has about 310 VOs.


Managing access to the internal services, e.g. wikis, mailing lists, printing systems. Provides guest accounts, manages external users with federated identity to be able to access internal services. MU has about 88400 users.


Manages all CEITEC users. Provides delegation support therefore, every CEITEC core facility can manage its own users without the need for any central managmenet.


Perun implements the core of the ELIXIR AAI infrastructure. Manages users and their ELIXIR ID, groups and access to the services.


Perun manages access to the FedCloud resources. For selected VOs it synchronizes members from their VOMS for other provides full VO management. Perun is able to notify cloud infrastructure when the user has been suspended or he lost the right to cloud resources.


Perun implements the core of the BBMRI AAI infrastructure. Manages users, groups and access to the BBMRI services. BBMRI has about 3500 groups


Perun manages the whole lifecycle of all identities at UMPRUM from creation through suspending to disabling and deleting user data in specified resources after the protection period expires. Automatically assigns users to groups so they have access to resources they should and we can manage access to resources from one place. Perun is a very flexible system for identity and access management.


GEANT activity which provides Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) as a service and as a software. Perun is a core part of the eduTEAMS service. Research communities can use eduTEAMS to get the whole AAI as a box. More information on


BIOCEV is a joint project of six institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Molecular Genetics, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Microbiology, Institute of Physiology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, and Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry) and two faculties of Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Science and 1st Faculty of Medicine). The project’s goal is to establish the European Centre of Excellence in biomedicine and biotechnology. Perun is used for user and group and access management. BIOCEV uses per group application form, therefore they can easily delegate management of internal groups to appropriate persons.


EU funded project which provides IT services for research communities. One of the IT services is the AAI. Perun system is part of the EOSC-hub offering as a part or so-called EOSC AAI. One of the candidates for EOSC AAI is the LifeScience AAI which already uses Perun as a system for identity and access management.


National Centre for Biomolecular Research. The main activities of the Centre involve research in specific areas of chemistry, biology, and biophysics as well as teaching, especially at advanced undergraduate and Ph.D. levels. Perun system manages users, registration flows, groups and access to various types of the services, e.g. accounts on computation and storage infrastructure provided by CESNET, accounts on the computer in classrooms.


German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure. Perun as a part of the ELIXIR AAI manages access to the de.NBI resources. de.NBI stores data needed for authorization decision directly in Perun system which then distribute them to all de.NBI data centres. de.NBI provides the web portal for the users which is communicating with Perun system, therefore users can manage their access control via the portal and they do not need to interact directly with Perun system. More information at

LifeScience AAI

14 research communities from life sciences area decided to utilize AAI services provided by e-Infrastructures. GEANT, EGI, and EUDAT jointly provided a solution for managing all aspects of AAI for life science communities. Perun is a core part of the solution because the whole solution mostly mimics solution used in ELIXIR.

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