System Perun is an application which consists of several interconnected components. The core part of the Perun is used for managing users, virtual organizations (projects), groups, facilities, and resources. Additional components provide next functionality by using information managed by the core part of the Perun.

Key features

  • Virtual organization management
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Resource management
  • Service management
  • Customizable for your use-cases

User interface

The concept of virtual organization

As the concept of a virtual organization (VO) is well established in computational grids, Perun uses it as a core unit for user management. This concept can be successfully applied outside the grid environment due to its nature of defining membership restrictions & delegation responsibilities among the organization members.

Additional features

User identities consolidation

A web application where users can join their new identities with the existing ones. Identities can be issued by federated identity providers, social media sites, certification authorities (personal certificates) or local systems (Kerberos, LDAP,...).

Customizable notifications triggered by any action made in Perun. They inform users or administrators about an event, which can be relevant for them.

Perun provides LDAP interface for selected data about users/VOs/groups.

Every internal operation in Perun is audited containing who/when and what has been executed.

Publication management
Users can manually or automatically (by using their university publication server) put their publications into evidence. Data about publications are used for preferring of users in their computations.

Attribute Authority
Build in attribute authority revealing selected data about the users (including group and VO membership).

Synchronization of users with external system
Automatically synchronize users/groups from external systems using SQL/LDAP/CSV/VOMS/... interfaces.


Perun benefits

Resource providers

Managing users, groups and resources

Resource management

  Easily allocate your resources to virtual organizations/projects
  Set up various access rights or other specific configuration for each organization/group
✓  Set up your resource for real users or service identities

Service management

  Configure your services directly on resources
  Monitor status of the configuration propagation
  Send the new configuration every time some change occurs
  Use existing infrastructure, like LDAP, together with Perun
  New services can be managed by adding a few scripts and necessary properties to related entities (e.g., users, groups, services)

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Virtual organizations managers

Watching over virtual organizations

User management

✓  Create customizable registration forms for your organization
  Manually or automatically approve user's applications
  Set up membership expiration
✓  Assign additional information to the user entry in the Perun
  User and administrator notifications

Group management

✓  Organize users into groups by yourself
  or allow users to apply for group membership
  or delegate rights to manage group members
  Synchronize members between groups

Resource management

  Organize available resources by tagging
  Allow groups of users to utilize resources
  Set individual configuration for each group/user if you want to

Dealing with particular problems

Enhancing VOMS with Perun in FedCloud

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