Technical documentation

Technical details

Used technologies

Perun is build using enterprise technologies:

  • Java
  • Spring - Supports building flexible JVM-based systems and applications
  • Google Web Toolkit - Used to build web user interface of Perun
  • Jenkins - Leading open-source continuous integration software

Supported technologies

  • Perun uses SQL database as a backend, Oracle and PostgreSQL database engines are supported.
  • Perun can synchronize groups and members with external sources like:
    • XML and CSV files
    • any SQL DB supporting JDBC
    • VOMS
    • LDAP servers including Active Directory

Development life cycle

  • We are doing a code review before any new code comes to the mainstream code.
  • Before deploying any new code it must pass all the tests.
Supported services

Perun-services are automatically activated tools which allow to keep situation stated at database the same as status of all resources controlled by system Perun. List of perun-services can be increased by adding of new services which can have special functionality according needing of administrators and users of system

List of supported services

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