Class PerunPolicy


public class PerunPolicy extends Object
PerunPolicy represents a set of rules which is used to determine principal's access rights. policyName is policy's unique identification which is used in the configuration file perun-roles.yml perunRoles is a list of maps where each map entry consists from a role name as a key and a role object as a value. Relation between each map in the list is logical OR and relation between each entry in the map is logical AND. Example list - (Map1, Map2...) Example map - key: VOADMIN ; value: Vo key: GROUPADMIN ; value: Group includePolicies is a list of policies names whose rules will be also included in the authorization.
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    • getPerunRoles

      public List<Map<String,​String>> getPerunRoles()
    • setPerunRoles

      public void setPerunRoles(List<Map<String,​String>> perunRoles)
    • getIncludePolicies

      public List<String> getIncludePolicies()
    • setIncludePolicies

      public void setIncludePolicies(List<String> includePolicies)
    • getPolicyName

      public String getPolicyName()
    • setPolicyName

      public void setPolicyName(String policyName)
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      public String toString()
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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