Class urn_perun_entityless_attribute_def_def_usedGids

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, EntitylessAttributesModuleImplApi

public class urn_perun_entityless_attribute_def_def_usedGids extends EntitylessAttributesModuleAbstract implements EntitylessAttributesModuleImplApi

Contains all used and already depleted Gids.

Available Formats: "Gx" -> "y" means Group with ID x using GID y "Rx" -> "y" means Resource with ID x using GID y "Dy" -> "y" means depleted GID y (no group or resource using it now) No other formats are available.

Null in value of this attribute means there is no GID used or depleted.

IMPORTANT: be very careful about removing values from this attribute, information can be lost forever!

Michal Stava <stavamichal@gmaillcom>