Class urn_perun_group_resource_attribute_def_def_adName

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, GroupResourceAttributesModuleImplApi

public class urn_perun_group_resource_attribute_def_def_adName extends GroupResourceAttributesModuleAbstract implements GroupResourceAttributesModuleImplApi
AD Name module Name in AD for group and resource need to be unique in between other AD name where assigned resource has OU Name attribute with same value For example: If the group1 will be assigned to the resource1 and the group2 will be assigned to the resource2, on both resources will be attribute OU Name set to value 'SPECIFIC_OU', then value of attribute defined by this module need to be different (unique) for both groups (can't be same). If OU of one of these resources will be different, then both groups can't have the same name.
Michal Stava