Class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_def_elixirBonaFideStatus

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, UserAttributesModuleImplApi

@Deprecated public class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_def_elixirBonaFideStatus extends UserAttributesModuleAbstract implements UserAttributesModuleImplApi
IMPORTANT: will be removed in next release!!! This module determines if user is a researcher. If so, it provides URL: ''.

The decision depends on attributes 'elixirBonaFideStatusREMS', 'voPersonExternalAffiliation' and 'user:def:publications'. If 'elixirBonaFideStatusREMS' is not empty, user is a researcher. If 'voPersonExternalAffiliation' contains affiliation that starts with 'faculty@', user is a researcher. If 'user:def:publications' contains key 'ELIXIR' and associated value is > 0, user is a researcher Otherwise, null value is set.

Vojtech Sassmann <>, Dominik Frantisek Bucik <>