Class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_def_vsupMail

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, UserAttributesModuleImplApi

public class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_def_vsupMail extends UserAttributesModuleAbstract implements UserAttributesModuleImplApi
Attribute module for storing basic/backup school mail of persons at VŠUP. It has to be "" and is set whenever u:d:login-namespace:vsup attribute is set/changed !! Value can't be filled by this module, so we must allow NULL value in checkAttributeSemantics(), because when all mail attributes are required and set at once, we can't ensure correct processing order of attributes and it might perform check on old value, because of setRequiredAttributes() implementation uses in memory value instead of refreshing from DB. On value change, map of usedMails in entityless attributes is checked and updated. Also u:d:vsupPreferredMail is set to current value, if is empty.
Pavel Zlámal <>