Class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_virt_eduPersonORCID

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, UserAttributesModuleImplApi, UserVirtualAttributesModuleImplApi, VirtualAttributesModuleImplApi

public class urn_perun_user_attribute_def_virt_eduPersonORCID extends UserVirtualAttributeCollectedFromUserExtSource
ORCIDs collected from UserExtSources attributes. The behaviour can be further extended by setting the following properties in the eduPersonORCIDConfig entityless attribute:
  • source_attribute - UES attribute name from which to fetch the values
  • get_ext_login - set to "true" or "1" to fetch also the external logins
  • value_filter - regex to filter the collected values by
  • es_type - filter external sources by type
  • es_name - filter external sources by name
  • pattern and replacement - define the transformation to apply to the collected values
Martin Kuba