Class urn_perun_vo_attribute_def_def_applicationViewPreferences

All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributesModuleImplApi, VoAttributesModuleImplApi

public class urn_perun_vo_attribute_def_def_applicationViewPreferences extends VoAttributesModuleAbstract implements VoAttributesModuleImplApi
Module to check value of application view configuration. Values represent columns to be shown in GUI. Column names can be either basic column names (e.g. createdBy), or IdP extsource attribute name (e.g. schacHomeOrganization). 'id', 'groupId' and 'groupName' are not allowed to be set as they should be shown automatically for corresponding use cases. 'fedInfo' should be defined per each attribute. 'formData' values cannot be set.
Johana Supikova <>